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Terrand Smith 37 Oaks Consulting CEO


The Queen of Commerce

From her corporate days as a national buyer, to her trying-to-figure-it-out days as a new business owner, and even now in her present day success as founder/ceo of 37 Oaks -  Terrand has maintained a keen focus on progress, results, and getting things done efficiently and effectively. 


Terrand is admired for “meeting people where they are.” She calls that “the place of IMPACT!” This willingness to support people in their process is why her client, mentees, members, and partners rely on her for keen insight, breakthrough strategies, and practical guidance. 

she understands what it’s like to have more passion than knowledge. That’s why it has been so important for her to equip entrepreneurs with the information, wisdom, and even the space to make mistakes and grow from them.


smith is helping eager entrepreneur iron out of their strategies & operations before investing their own time, money, and resources into scaling to new markets & new customers. She’s been able to accomplish this mission through teaching, writing books, coaching & mentoring.


Of all the titles and distinctions Terrand has, including that of being proclaimed the Queen of  Commerce, the one she is most proud to be called is...Mom.

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“You already have what you need to be successful.

I just help you find, optimize & navigate it”

Terrrand Smith

What She Does

With nearly two decades of experience in retail and e-commerce, smith helps growth-minded entrepreneurs by offering specialized and comprehensive solutions for getting “unstuck.”


Her know-how and wisdom comes from pushing through her own start-up challenges and through coaching close to 1,000 entreprenures around the country. 


Now, her passion, as well as proven results, is in guiding ambitious small business owners through their sophomore to senior seasons of entrepreneurship.

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Terrand Smith 37 Oaks CEO Consulting
Prepare To Shift

Prepare To Shift

Prepare To Shift Workbook

Prepare To Shift is a workbook outlining proven principles to shift your business from the early stages to growth. With close to 20 years of corporate retail experience, ten years as a successful entrepreneur, and 15 years coaching small business owners, Terrand Smith walks you through mindset and action shifts every entrepreneur needs to take their business to the next level. Each principle includes an exercise that uncovers strengths, opportunities, and next steps for both you and your business. By the end of this workbook, you will have the tools necessary to unstick and a road map to guide you toward growth.

This quick and easy read makes the complexities of growing a business more digestible and manageable. It is a must-read for any early-stage entrepreneur, a loved one who recently started a business or a supplement to any entrepreneurial or business program.

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Prepare To Shift Workshop

Terrand will host a multi-day workshop for a group of entrepreneurs that need the support and space to begin transitioning their business from the hobby/start up phase to growth.

This workshop hand-holds the group through the details and insights of the 14 MindSHIFT & WorkSHIFT principles outlined in the Prepare To Shift workbook. We then create a space and coach small business owners to apply these learnings to their own business. 



Identify Your Assets

Are any of these thoughts familiar? 

  • “I feel like I don’t have enough resources or confidence yet to really get my business to the next level.”

  • “I don’t have the kind of network that can help me get my products on shelves where my ideal customer would even see them.”

  • “I know there has to be more to entrepreneurship than what I’ve been experiencing!”


Entrepreneurs can be really hard on themselves. In fact, you can be so focused on the future sometimes that you might be overlooking some of the present possibilities that are right within your reach. 


During the Identify Assets Coaching Session, Terrand helps you gain the clarity you’ve been seeking by showing you how to uncover unrecognized (yet available) resources and hidden skill sets, too.  


When you can identify your assets (whether they be products, services, people, or ideas) then you can begin to accelerate your progress towards your most audacious goals!

Terrand Smith 37 Oaks Consulting
Terrand Smith 37 Oaks Consulting
Optimize Your Assets

Once you have identified your assets for achieving that next level of success in business, it is then time to optimize those assets through making strategic improvements in your business AND mindset.

In the Optimize Assets Coaching Session, Terrand becomes your thought partner, collaborating with you on an implementation plan for

  • Developing an infrastructure to achieve your objectives

  • Leveraging growth opportunities

  • Finding new ways to scale your business while reducing risks

  • Navigating complex challenges in e-commerce

  • and maximizing the tools and knowledge that you already have!


You deserve expert insight and support for sustainable success. Terrand is ready to help you get to your best year in business - one leap at a time.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements
Terrand Smith 37 Oaks Consulting

Whether you have a meeting full of budding entrepreneurs, a classroom of curious youth, or a conference of economic development organizations - tap into Terrand's story, frameworks, expertise, best practices & knowledge to help your audience get unstuck and create the path to move forward in their purpose and passion. 


Contact Terrand

3231 S. Halsted St, #313 Chicago, IL 60608

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