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Sink Or Swim. You Ready?

Ever hear the expression sink or swim? Doesn't leave much choice. Plan A is to swim. Plan B is to sink.

When I get into conversations with people around the ups and downs of my entrepreneurial journey, often times they say "So what's your plan B?"

My answer, "There is not one". *boom*

I can't say this should be the perspective of all, because honestly, not everyone or every situation is built for Entrepreneurship. Being successful at this game requires more than having a good idea. It requires a combination of commitment + passion + hustle + persistence + timing + a splash of serendipity + a cup of ego.

Yep ego. You have to believe that you are the best person, in the universe, to deliver your product or service. Period. No one else's combined background; experience; formal or informal education; passions; skill sets and personality can deliver this value to the universe like you can. I know that may sound a little extra, but not only do you need that mindset to win, but your customer's also need to believe it for you to grow.

But, consider yourself blessed if you are approaching this journey with a financial cushion or a fall-back job. If so, that is amazing and anything to help in this journey, take it. But, despite that, I ask one thing...

Live each day like you have 30 days to make it happen.

If you know you have a safety net, you act accordingly. If not careful, it can serve as a crutch. Therefore, your grind is not on 100, where it needs to be. See, I don't have that. I am full time Entrepreneur- no fall back job. Both parents deceased and I'm divorced - so no close family for me to financially rely on. Oh, and to make it even more fun, I'm a single mom. I have to make it work for me and for my child. Talk about motivation. If I don't kill it, WE don't eat it. This HAS to work.

I realize that my situation has embedded a focus, drive and determination that is profound and necessary for entrepreneurship. To the point that when I do get more of a cushion, I will maintain this mind frame. It has forced me to be more creative, resourceful and tap into an inner hustle I did not even now I had, to make things happen.

If you don't want to drown, you learn how to swim - quickly. Especially without a flotation device.

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