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Trust Me: You Learn to Dig Deep

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

It's not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It's up to you!

Dear God,

In 2015, you put a tingle in my spirit that it was time to make a bigger contribution to society. I had a purpose, a design, and all of my background and experience had all led up to a shift that was about to take place.

Entrepreneurship was not on MY roadmap.. at all... ever. MY plan was to climb the corporate ladder; break any glass ceilings; sit in a C-suite of one of the largest retailers; and look damn good on the cover of Black Enterprise (sorry, I don't think I am supposed to say damn when talking to you).

But, YOU decided otherwise. YOU set up my environment and circumstances to test that tingle in my spirit, and prove to myself that this was my new path.

I challenged you and I challenged it, because it did not make sense. I'm a strategic thinker and a planner. I've taken personality tests; assessed my skill sets; plotted out my trajectory and none of it led to Entrepreneurship. On top of that, I am now divorced, a single mom, with both parents deceased. So my traditional cushions and support systems, are, well, not there. But, I had reached the point where I could no longer deny the path YOU designed for me.

OK. So now I am here. I followed instructions. But at this moment, I am anxious; tired; border line depressed; scared; uncertain and for the first time in my life, I don't know how some things are going to come together. I have never been here. YOU told me to come here, I'm here. So now what!?

Of course Im not yelling at you :/ , but I am allowed my moment... or about 60 moments... I'm allowed to be in a dark and underground space... but only temporarily.

OK...Breathe... Pray...Focus

I was always taught that I have everything in me to do what I am designed to do. YOU didn't design for me to have a purpose and not give me the tools to achieve it. I may have to learn how to use the tools, but I already have them.

OK... Breathe...Pray...Focus

Let me find these damn tools and learn how to use these things.

Let me get my shit together (sorry again).

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